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Opioid Epidemic

Far too many of our friends, neighbors and family members have been taken from us by this epidemic.

That is why I have sponsored bills like HB 869 which has become law- This legislation requires the Department of Health, for the first time in this state’s history, to provide a publicly available list of state certified and accredited treatment centers for substance abusers. This will help them and their families make an informed decision on the resources they can utilize to help ensure a full and speedy recovery.

I believe that, together, we can end this plaque on our communities!


We must completely eliminate the state on retirement income. I have and will continue to sponsor, co-sponsor or support legislation that completely eliminates state taxes on all retirement income. 

I am proud to have co-sponsored legislation, that is now law, that doubled the state tax deduction on the income of retired military personnel. 

We must keep Marylander's in Maryland!

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Health Care

The current health care system is too expensive for our community and needs to be overhauled.

This year I was proud to sponsor HB 1799. This legislation would give Marylander's a $500 annual state tax deduction toward the purchase of long term care insurance. Currently, Maryland only gives a one time $500 deduction for the purchase of long term care insurance.
Giving an annual deduction towards the purchase on long term care insurance would help to reduce the cost of healthcare and give many in our community, especially our elderly and their families, much deserved peace of mind.

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I will work with local business owners to develop legislation that provides incentives for business owners to grow, and provide career long term jobs. I will also work with the Board of Education to develop job training programs for our high school and community college students. I will fight to reduce the burden of government on our local business owners.

I will always fight to reduce the burden of government on our local business owners.


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Our children are our future heritage. We must continue to strengthen a curriculum that better prepares our students for long term jobs once they have completed high school and community college. Our blue ribbon schools need to be continually re-evaluated to ensure that the high level of academics they were providing when they received the award remains in effect. A higher focus on safety, classroom size, school construction budgets and maintenance programs must be maintained. 
Keeping the safety of our students in mind, this year I was proud to vote for an additional $40 million to be spent directly on upgrading school safety and security equipment. These funds will also be used to add additional School Resource Officers to our local schools. (Read More)


The environment is imperative to our community. The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in our nation. In the last twenty years the revenue from the Chesapeake Bay has been reduced to embarrassing levels for our state. The state must continue to lead by example by cleaning and repairing its failing pollution practices. That's why I was proud to support legislative initiatives that ensured Bay Restoration Funds were prioritized to projects that enhanced water quality and clarity.
In South County, our rural beauty and nature are our gift to Maryland and I will fight to keep it that way! (Read More)


Our state and local elected officials must focus on efficiency and effectiveness when spending our tax dollars.

The former administration had lost its way with an economy that hurt so many of our families and neighbors. As your Delegate, I remain focused on efficiency and effectiveness when spending our tax dollars. I will always fight to stop the stealing of dedicated funds to balance the operating budget. These funds are only to be used for the intended purpose our citizens supported.
That's why I was proud to work with Gov. Hogan and vote for legislation that stopped the "redirecting" of transportation funds, Bay Restoration Funds and revenues from casinos that will help our schools.

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